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Air Conditioning

Do you have…

  • Odd smells inside your vehicle?
  • A windscreen that doesn’t clear quickly?
  • A long wait for the interior to cool down?
  • Increased fuel consumption?


Then it’s time to have your air conditioning serviced! Your air conditioning needs to be serviced regularly, if not it can result in:

  • Added engine wear, and
  • Greatly increased petrol consumption.

Just need a system re-gas?

When you bring your vehicle to us for an air conditioning re-gas, you can be sure your service will be far superior than that offered by the fast fit centres, and most other air conditioning re-gas centres. Our technicians are specialist trained and certified in the use of refrigerant – essential for a top quality service.

When we carry out a system re-gas, our qualified, licensed technicians will check for leaks and include as standard a health check of your system. In order to aid leak detection we add fluorescent dye to the air conditioning system. This is very beneficial in case of any further problems or leaks. In addition, we will add oil to lubricate the pump and seals and to maintain the good health of the system.