Cheltenham Independent Jaguar Specialists

Cheltenham Independent Jaguar Specialists

Here at Eurocars we have highly skilled technicians who carry out diagnostics and repairs on all models of Jaguars. We also have Jaguar diagnostic equipment to carry out in depth diagnostics and maintenance. Why pay dealer prices when we can accommodate any Jaguar of any age.

Between our skilled Jaguar technicians, there is 60 years experience, from classic Jaguars to up to date modern Jaguars.

We can offer a full range of comprehensive services, including service and maintenance, repairs, Mots, diagnostics and remapping your vehicle for a smoother and more economical ride.

No job is too big.

Our owner, Alec Houston has 40 years experience in Jaguar cars, starting off in 1982, restoring E-type Jaguars so he is very educated in Jaguar.


Here at Eurocars we can maintain your Jaguar to any schedule using the highest quality of parts and lubricants.

We use Jaguar or Bosch parts and to keep your diesel engine and dpf (diesel vehicles) running smoothly we use low ash engine oil.

We use SDD and IDS jaguar diagnostics to make sure we can keep up with the latest Jaguar technology.


We can provide remaps through the ecu (no parts added) We can unleash the true potential of your Jaguar.

If you are looking for more fuel economy and more bhp then this is for you – we can provide up to 45bhp extra and 20% saving in fuel economy. Your car will drive smoother after the remap, and feel more responsive in general.

Automatic gearbox service and repair

Are you aware that most Automatic Jaguars have the Zf transmission. At very high operating temperatures, Zf services uk, recommends a transmission oil change every 62000 miles or 8 years. We can service these to schedule and carry out any required transmission repairs, without having to replace the complete transmission which can be very costly.                                                 Advantages in keeping up with your transmission service includes:

-Extends the transmission’s service life

-Retains the highest level of shift comfort

-Reduces wear on components subjected to a high level of stress

-Prevents transmission failure and general malfunction

Air conditioning and maintenance

As of 2017, all vehicles were required to run a new type of air con gas HFO-1234yf. This replacing the old style gas R134a as it produces 98% fewer climate damaging pollutants. Many of the late Jaguars including the Jaguar F-type and F-pace run new style gas- we here at Eurocars offer both styles of gas so can accommodate for any Jaguar out there today.

We also offer a drop in, while you wait appointment. If you have a fault with your aircon system, we can price for any repair including aircon compressors, condensers, pipes etc.


Like many vehicles on the road today, Jaguar’s onboard diagnostics system are very complex. No job is too big for our Jaguar technicians. We have dealer level diagnostics SDD/IDS and Bosch KTS. So we can diagnose and repair anything from a minor fault like a Lambda sensor to a major fault like transmission/engine failure.



Tyres and wheel alignment

We offer very competitive tyre prices to fit all budgets. With Jaguar, the majority of our customers like to keep to premium and high performance tyres, including Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli etc however we offer all tyres to suit each and every individual. We can offer winter and summer tyres at a very reasonable rate.

When carrying out health checks and services, we sometimes notice uneven tyre wear, usually indicating tracking may be out- this is important to address as if we simply replace the tyres and ignore this, the new tyres will wear quicker and unevenly. So we recommend wheel alignment to keep those new tyres last longer. We can do all of this in house on the day of your appointment.


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Here at Eurocars Independent Jaguar Specialists, we offer a full range of comprehensive workshop services. You can be assured that your Jaguar is receiving thorough, accurate, expert-level service.

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