Managing the servicing, maintenance and repair requirements of fleet vehicles can be a complex business. Fortunately, you can rely on the Bosch Car Service network of workshops to take care of your fleet of vehicles.

The Bosch Car Service network is one of the world’s largest dedicated vehicle service network, consisting of thousands of independent workshops. There are over 300 in the Uk and we are proud to be part of the Network.


Partnering with Bosch, an approved automotive component supplier to many of the world‘s vehicle manufacturers, the Bosch Car Service network benefits from the knowledge and experience to keep your fleet of vehicles in top working condition. Our technicians are 100% focused on performing the highest level of vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs

Our partner Bosch:

  • Routinely and independently conducts audits to assess our workshops compliancy with quality standards and services
  • Educates our technicians on the latest

Technological developments:

  • Provides a complete technical training program to ensure that our technicians technical expertise is at its optimum
  • Provides quality and systems training for workshop managers to ensure consistently high levels of vehicle service