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Eurocars FIAT – Cheltenham Independent FIAT Specialists

Eurocars have Cheltenham’s answer to Independent dedicated Fiat technicians.

We can carry out all diagnostics and repairs on all Fiat models. We have appropriate diagnostic equipment to carry out in depth diagnostics’ and maintenance, including accessing your digital servicing database, if necessary.

No job is too big or small, including Mot, Service, repairs, aircon, tyres and wheel alignment.


Here at Eurocars we can maintain your Fiat to any schedule using the highest quality of parts and lubricants.

We use Fiat or Bosch parts and to keep your diesel engine and dpf (diesel vehicles) running smoothly we use low ash engine oil.


  • Fiat Dpf repairs
  • Fiat Service
  • Fiat Mot
  • Fiat Repairs
  • Fiat Gearbox Repairs
  • Fiat diagnostics
  • Independent Fiat Repair Centre

Aircon - Old style and New style

As of 2017, all vehicles were required to run a new type of aircon gas HFO-1234yf. This replacing the old style gas R134a as it produces 98% fewer climate damaging pollutants. Many of the late Fiats run the new style gas, we can offer both styles of gas so can accommodate any Fiat out there today. If you have a fault with your aircon system, we can price for any repair including aircon compressors, condensers, pipes etc.


Dealer level diagnostics and Bosch trained technicians. Many people are unaware that many electrical parts under their bonnet are Bosch and we have a great understanding of these products and all electrical parts for that matter, we have 100 years of combined training within our workshops. We have our in house auto electricians to understand those difficult jobs that some technicians may struggle with.

Gearbox Repairs

We can carry out Fiat gearbox overhauls and repairs in-house, trying to keep costs down without having to spend out on costly replacement gearboxes.

Fiat Dpf issues

Diesel Particulate Filters were introduced in 2009, however some manufacturers were ahead of time and had these fitted before, most late diesel vehicles have dpf’s fitted therefore requiring specific (Low Saps) oils. When we service Fiat vehicles, we will use the correct oil required for your engine – this will help your dpf automatically regenerate bringing the soot levels down.

Eurocars Fiat Services

We offer Fiat Service, Mot and repairs –
Cheltenham Mot and Service
We can Mot, Service and repair any Fiat, using our fully trained technicians and a high standard of parts and lubricants.

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Here at Eurocars Independent Fiat Specialists, we offer a full range of comprehensive workshop services. You can be assured that your Fiat is receiving thorough, accurate, expert-level service.

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