We strive in making our business welcoming for everyone

Female Friendly Vehicle Specialists

We here at Eurocars understand how intimidating it can be for a woman to enter a predominantly male work environment in the automotive sector.

We strive in making our business welcoming for everyone. We have female reception staff and a female manager who has been part of our business for 20 years. She is friendly and technical to boot, with an extensive range of knowledge in the automotive industry.

We understand that many females have questions about their vehicles so our staff will make sure they can be as informative as they possibly can, explaining the nature of the repairs before, during or after your visit. We do not want anyone to feel as though they cannot ask a question about their car.

A message from our manager Stephanie,

“We have had our female customers in the past, feel ashamed to ask how they top their oil up, this shouldn’t be the case.

I encourage any of our customers, male or female, to ask any questions about your vehicle. We will always be on hand to answer any questions or show you anything you want to know, from topping oil and water up to doing tyre pressures. These are simple things that you can do yourself, if you know how to.”

Aircon - Old style and New style

As of 2017, all vehicles were required to run a new type of aircon gas HFO-1234yf. This replacing the old style gas R134a as it produces 98% fewer climate damaging pollutants. Many of the late Hybrid / Electric vehicles run the new style gas, we can offer both styles of gas so can accommodate any Hybrid / Electric vehicles out there today. If you have a fault with your aircon system, we can price for any repair including aircon compressors, condensers, pipes etc.


Dealer level diagnostics and Bosch trained technicians. Many people are unaware that many electrical parts under their bonnet are Bosch and we have a great understanding of these products and all electrical parts for that matter, we have 100 years of combined training within our workshops. We have our in house auto electricians to understand those difficult jobs that some technicians may struggle with.

Gearbox Repairs

We can carry out Hybrid / Electric vehicles gearbox overhauls and repairs in-house, trying to keep costs down without having to spend out on costly replacement gearboxes.

Eurocars Hybrid / Electric vehicles Services

We offer Hybrid / Electric vehicles Service, Mot and repairs –
Cheltenham Mot and Service
We can Mot, Service and repair any Hybrid / Electric vehicles, using our fully trained technicians and a high standard of parts and lubricants.

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Here at Eurocars, we offer a full range of comprehensive workshop services. You can be assured that your vehicle is receiving thorough, accurate, expert-level service.

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