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Thanet Wanderer’s Kit Sponsorship

THERE’S scrum-thing dapper about the Under 13s squad of Thanet Wanderer’s RUFC this 2019-20 season.

The 30-strong team are looking sharp thanks to new hoodies and wet tops proudly sponsored by Broadstairs MOT Centre.

The new stash will help keep the lads and the coaching team warm and dry on pitches across Kent and south London as they attend fixtures and tournaments throughout the season.

We have proudly supported the successful youth team over the past five years with donations to help fund rugby tours in Holland and Belgium, as well as kit sponsorship.

The team are planning their next rugby tour for Yorkshire in May 2020 and are continuing to fundraise for the tournament.

Good luck lads!

Minster F.C, proudly supported by Broadstairs MOT Centre

KICKING off a new season in style are the latest recruits to historic local team Minster F.C, proudly supported by Broadstairs MOT Centre.

The former Thanet Hawks team was invited to join as the first Minster F.C Youth team the club has had in a number of years. With a change of name and new kits, the U13s squad are now on target for an exciting 2019-20 season in the East Kent Youth League.

Broadstairs MOT Centre has made a donation towards buying new goals which will hopefully prove lucky for the strike force of Minster Youth.

Having supported the team in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons when they were Thanet Hawks F.C, the Bosch Car Service garage is keen to continue its commitment to the local community, helping to invest in and inspire young people to work hard, stay focussed and keep fit.

Garage Director, Simon Hooper said: “I am keen to support young people to pursue their passion and hobbies in any small way I can. Providing a donation to Minster F.C’s Youth team is our way of giving something back to the community and acknowledging the hardwork and dedication of all those behind the scenes who make sure these boys can play football each week across East Kent.”

“Without the coaches and management team organising and running the team so well, these young lads would not be able to play nor benefit, from the social skills they are developing by attending training and matches. They are learning sportsmanship and discipline that is required to play and this will carry them through their teenage years.”

New flooring donated by Broadstairs MOT Centre

A BOXING gym is an upper-cut above the rest, thanks to new flooring donated by Broadstairs MOT Centre.

Garage owner Simon Hooper, made the donation and helped lay the flooring after seeing the positive benefit O’Neill’s Boxing Gym had on young people using its facilities.

Trainer John O’Neill set up the Ramsgate gym in the last few months with ambitions to inspire and focus young boys and girls and help improve their discipline and fitness.

The pair pulled no punches replacing the worn out, damaged carpet. The knock-out grey floor tiles have transformed the space which is used by both young people and adults each week and is more practical for users.

Simon said: “I have witnessed the time and effort John dedicates to training young people at the gym. Not only does he inspire them to train hard and have passion and focus for what they are doing but the boxing also helps instil discipline and helps them to grow in confidence. He inspires them and their parents with his determination and having overcome a traumatic brain injury himself, he is an inspiration to not let life get you down.

“I think what he does here is fantastic for the community and I am always keen to give back to people who are trying their best in the local area to inspire the younger generation and provide support. He has overcome adversity and is giving something back to the next generation.”

Father-of-two John (45), from Broadstairs, was boxing clever until a traumatic brain injury more than five years ago had a profound effect on his life and well-being. Until then he had spent more than 15 years training young boxers in Thanet and south London and ran boxing gyms in Birchington and Margate. But, following a life-changing bleed on the brain, John admits to feeling suicidal once he left hospital because of inadequate support and minimal rehabilitation.

His friends rallied around and encouraged him to return to training in a bid to improve his mental well-being. The gym was being used by another trainer who said John could use it to aid his recovery.

John said: “I had memory loss and was struggling with my own battles and anxiety. When I got myself better, I noticed there were many older men, my age, struggling themselves. So rather than return to training at a high level, like I was used to, I tried to come back into boxing to help people deal with their own problems, and bring people together as a collective group of guys. The other chap left and I took over. I saw men struggling with depression and anxiety and physical disability, and through my own struggle of recovering from a traumatic brain injury and navigating my way through life, I thought this place would help others.

“I started this gym to help those that are not as fortunate as ourselves. With some of the guys that came, their sons and daughters then wanted to come for the challenge and to train.

“It shows the young people that there are those who are doing good, even if the bigger society is not. The children who come here are well behaved and sadly, they don’t really get anything. If they were naughty then the ‘system’ helps them but this is a place that can inspire them and teach them discipline. It shows them that there are people who work hard and give their time for them for free and in years to come I hope they pay it forward too. They are sporty but coming here helps keep the mind active and focused and joins all different people together.” John and the friends who rallied around him in the early days of his recovery still use the gym as a place to catch up and be sociable.

Viezu Products

Viezu Products

Engine retune offers silver lining to motorists

New car sales in the UK have dipped to their lowest for more than a decade but modern car engine performance is possible without buying a new motor thanks to Broadstairs MOT Centre in Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2BL.

That’s because Broadstairs MOT Centre is an approved Viezu dealer, one of the UK’s leading bespoke tuning specialists, whose engine improving services cover 90% of modern European vehicles.

In some instances Viezu products give drivers a massive 15% improvement in fuel economy:

“Due to the uncertain economic situation more and more people are delaying buying a new car and this would suggest there is going to be an increased number of older cars on the UK’s roads. However, drivers needn’t suffer from ageing car problems thanks to our bespoke engine tuning service. Among the main benefits are reduced emissions and lower running costs, so not only are they helping to reduce any environmental impact but also ultimately saving money, an ever appealing prospect at a time when every penny counts for many,” said Simon Hooper, Managing Director of Broadstairs MOT Centre.

And the process couldn’t be simpler or quicker at Broadstairs MOT Centre. After booking an appointment, the car will be checked and the car’s engine control unit (ECU)read. The customer is then fully consulted to see what improvements they would like, whether it’s better performance, improved fuel economy, or both! A bespoke file is then written and uploaded into the ECU, with the whole process only taking a couple of hours.

Simon added “It would seem that drivers who to decide to buy a new car are thinking ‘green’ with smaller models but motorists don’t have to shell out on a brand new vehicle when our engine tuning service can offer significant emissions reductions.

“Indeed, in many cases emissions can be cut while performance is improved at the same time.”

For more information about the Viezu engine tuning services available at Broadstairs MOT Centre please visit: or call: 01843 602190.


Viezu Technologies is one of the UK’s leading tuning specialists. It has developed more than 15,000 engine ECU remap files, which cover 90% of modern European vehicles in 34 countries around the world. 

Since launch the company has helped drivers to reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes.

Neva Consultants

Neva Consultants

Neva Consultants Vehicle Leasing

As independent Car Leasing & Contract Hire Specialists based in Uckfield, East Sussex, Neva always have a great selection of Contract Hire Special Offers and Car Leasing Deals to ensure Business & Personal customers all benefit from their massive purchasing power. For more information contact Gary Smith or Click Here to visit their website

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